Thursday, December 20, 2007

How to Make Dal in Minutes

To make dal you need lentils (yellow dal), tomato, curry powder, salt, cooking oil and mustard seeds.

In Indian cooking we always garnish dishes by popping mustard seeds in warm oil. When they pop up they emit a good smell and add a nice flavor to the dish. You can make dal without this garnishing, if you like.

Just roast some tomatoes in warm oil. Add cooked dal, curry powder, and salt to taste. Boil for minute. Dal is ready.

To cook dal you can use a pressure cooker. Or you can cook it in the micro oven.

This cooked dal has to be boiled on medium flame over a stove with curry powder and salt. This part cannot be done very well in the oven.

Dal is very nutritious as it is full of protein. It is non-fatty and healthy. But the best part is: It is easy to cook and delicious to taste!

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